Welcome to details of some jobs undertaken by the Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team

Albeit without a name at the time the 'Brooklands Recovery Engineering and Salvage Team' has really existed since 1985 when the National Rescue Group were approached by Brooklands Museum, to see if they would help with the 'odd little job' around the museum site.

Fortunately for the Museum, National Rescue had moved their headquarters onto the Brooklands Industrial Park the year before and had a fleet of well equipped Recovery Vehicles perfect for the museums needs.

The individuals involved with the team have always been a 'lose' association of people, with a few like Paul Swift and Andy Lambert steering it throughout its existence. There are of course all unpaid volunteers and sadly an all too large number of them have now passed away.

The Brooklands Recovery Engineering And Salvage Team

    Below are a few of the task they have undertaken:-.

  • Aircraft Recovery: Nearly all the major aircraft on display at Brooklands have been transported completely, or partially by the team.
  • Major Exhibits: Collecting items including Bombs, Display Vehicles, Display Engines, Aerial Life Boats, even a complete Historic Glass Control Tower
  • Equipment: Collecting items including Workshop Equipment, Fencing, Racks, Steps, Gates, Weighbridge Scales, even a couple of Temporary Buildings
  • On-site work: Towing / Winching Aircraft, helping fit / remove - Engines, Propellers, Wings, Rudders, Ailerons, Nacelles, Undercarriages.
  • Support: They have also provide Vehicles and Operatives for Crowd Control at Events at both Brooklands and Dunsfold, especially at the Early Fly-ins.

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